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Be more visible with a Professional Profile

Your personal profile is the one you use for friends and family and most people have their privacy set to friends so the whole world can’t see their posts and images.

As we all know, people buy from people, and if someone is recommending me, they rarely mention my business name. It’s always ‘you should talk to Suzanne’.

Which means, 90% of the time people search for me and not my business - so a couple of years ago, I made the decision to make my profile public.

I’m really careful about what I post when it comes to family and my grandchildren, and I figured if someone gets offended by my sense of humour or doesn’t like posts about gin – then they’re not my kind of people and we probably wouldn’t be a good fit to work together anyway.

A few weeks ago, I was on a call with another coach, and we got chatting about this, and he asked why I hadn’t turned on my professional profile?

Good question. Why hadn’t I?

So that afternoon I did! Because turning on professional mode gives me;

Access to tools to help me grow my Followers

A professional dashboard similar to pages

A profile category so people can find me easier and see instantly what I do

Facebook can help me be discovered by more people by recommending my profile and content

I can manage comments on my posts, by switching them off or restricting who can comment

I can check my stats on engagement and new Followers etc just like in pages

I have access to Facebook creator support, and

Using post composer, I can still choose to make some posts available just for friends.

4 weeks in and my Followers are growing, my reach has rocketed and people who I rarely see pop up are engaging with me.

You may be reading this and thinking ‘this isn’t for me, I want to keep everything completely separate’, and that’s okay. But, if you want more visibility then this is definitely something to consider.

You can find more information about Facebook Professional Profiles by clicking here, and if you need help, please get in touch.

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