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'Get Shit Done'Programme

As a Marketing and Accountability Coach, I can help you get real clarity on what you really want from your business, help you 'get out of your own way', set goals and targets, put steps in place to help you get there  - and keep you on track and accountable!

'Get Shit Done'Programme

We’ve all got stuff we keep meaning to do, but for one reason or another, never get around too!

We’re all busy.  I get it!


But the cost of not getting stuff done can be huge for a small business.


Not doing the things that will attract new customers and grow your business means every time

you put it off – you’re losing money!


What is it you really WANT and NEED to do that you keep putting off?


😳Update your website
😳Create a marketing plan
😳Launch a new product or service
😳Finally get your newsletter up and running 
😳Create an awesome customer journey
😳Create amazing marketing collateral
😳Create a bank of fabulous social media content
😳Write new blogs, email and newsletter content 
😳Attract new customers and keep in touch with existing ones

😳Start something completely new 

😳Start a membership or create courses

😳Be more visible nad stand out from the crowd
😳Finally take the actions you need to take so you can reach those goals 

Or maybe there’s a few of these on your ‘to do’ list?? Or something else??


As we step into thhe second quarter of 2024 – let’s make it happen!

We know how hard it is making time to ‘Get Shit Done’ - and pre pandemic our ‘Get Shit Done Days’ were always a sell-out. 

Business owners would come along and spend the whole day building their website, setting up MailChimp, creating templates and sending their first email, creating marketing plans, campaigns, designing memes, flyers and a whole heap of other stuff.

They made massive progress with the support of everyone else in the room – but often when they left, the day-to-day stuff got in the way, the momentum was lost, and they didn’t quite get the results they wanted.

So, I needed a way of keeping this momentum going. A way of keeping you on track and making sure you ‘Get Shit Done’ and see the results you want to see!

So I've created the ‘Get Shit Done’ Programme.

This online 1:1 Coaching Programme will take you from Procrastinator Extraordinaire to Productivity Queen (or King).

Together we will 

🤩Get real clarity on where you want your business to be

🤩Identify what's been holding you back
🤩Create a plan of action
🤩Give you the training and resources you need to make it happen
🤩Challenge the way you think
🤩Help you to grow
🤩Work together to help and inspire you
🤩Hold you accountable so you ‘Get Shit Done’ 

🤩Give you access to lots of great resources and training

🤩Your own coaching journal to keep you on track

We'll have 7 1:1s over the 13 week programme, each one lasting around 90 minutes, focusing on your goals, your challenges, and your personal development – because to grow your business, you have to grow yourself. 

And at the end of the programme, we'll  bring everything to a conclusion and help you decide what next!

So, in the ‘Get Shit Done’ in 90 Days  Programme you get:

✅ 7 x 1:1’s with me
✅ A combination of mentoring, coaching and training
✅ Access to me via WhatsApp
✅ Weekly butt kicking email
✅ Accountability
✅ Email support throughout the 90 days
✅ Your own personalised coaching journal
✅ Access to personal and business growth tools
✅ Additional training as identified during the sessions
✅ And you finally get to do the stuff that grows your business….

The cost of the ‘Get Shit Done’ in 90 Days Programme is £500 with our Cracking Easter Offer and if you book via the website and pay with PayPal, you can spread the cost over 3 months

Want faster results? Or maybe you need to Get Shit Done quicker -  then our 4 week programme is for you and just £399 for a limited time only!   SOLD OUT!

So, what are you waiting for?

Stop PROCRASTINATING and let’s do this together…


Want to book a clarity call first? No problem, here’s the link to my calendar


Let’s make 2024 and beyond really count!


01229 383262

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