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Is it time to stop selling products and services?

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

All over social media businesses are trying to get the attention of their potential new customers by promoting products and services in the hope of increasing their sales and customer base.

The problem is, everyone else is doing the same and getting the same mediocre results.

So, let’s stop.

Take a step back and forget what you have and think about what the customer wants.

It’s been said that people don’t buy drills, they need holes. Makes sense. A drill sits in a shed, garage or tool box until someone needs a hole drilled – most of us don’t desire the drill, we want the solution it gives us – but why do we want the holes?

Whatever you do, understanding this helps us to create an image and a story which will make people want to buy our products and services.

What if the holes are for the wall of a child’s bedroom? Floating shelves and box shelves to be fixed to the wall to display books, money boxes, precious keepsakes to be kept out of the reach of little fingers?

The drill provides the solution, enables us to drill the holes, to fix the shelves to the wall, to make the bedroom safe and beautiful.

Creating this space for a child gives us a sense of pride and satisfaction, the child and other family members love it and that new drill we bought to drill holes to hang shelves has turned into a success story, something to shout about, a story to share and pictures of our handywork to post on social media.

So now is it time to stop selling your products and services and give your customers the solutions they need and the experiences they want?

We think so… and we can help you to do that.

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